Serbian for foreigners

Standard courses: 2 x 90 minutes per week

Intensive courses: according to student’s needs, from 3 to 5 x 90 minutes per week

Standard course average duration: 4 months (32 lessons of 90 minutes)

Work in small groups (3-6 people) and individual classes: in order to provide productivity in work and enable a student to practise desired language as much as possible during the lesson, we work in small groups of 3-6 people.

And for those who, due to professional and other obligations, have special needs and require certain availability and adaptability in terms of course place, time and intensity, the Center offers individual classes.

Didactics: In teaching we use coursebooks Učimo srpski (publisher: Azbukum) and Reč po reč (publisher: The Institute for Foreign Languages, Belgrade).

Besides those coursebooks, our teaching method includes additional didactic materials, magazine articles, texts from the Internet, popular songs, etc.

Course time: Courses are organized in the period from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. We will meet your wishes and needs, when special request is made for classes’ time.


For groups: 35.000 dinars (32 lessons of 90 minutes)

Individual lesson (90 minutes) in our premises costs 2.000 dinars

Individual lesson outside our premises costs 2.200 dinars

Prices of one lesson over the Internet (Skype)

Prices of intensive courses depend on the course’s dynamics. Contact us!